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32. Joseph SAYRE (1) was born in 1635 in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England.(2) He died in 1695 in NJ. (2) He removed from Southampton in 1665 to Elizabeth, NJ and was named as one of the proprietors in Elizabeth in a deed from Richard Nicholls, Governor. He signed a petition to the Governor in December 1667; was a witness there October 4, 1671, and took the oath of allegiance to the Dutch September 11, 1673. He wasa tanner as well as a farmer, and received 40 pounds in merchandise by his father's will towards setting him up as a tanner. He also recieved one third of his father's household effects, form which possibly it might be inferred that at that date he was not yet married , or had just begun housekeeping.

Martha UNKNOWN has reference number 289.(2) Joseph SAYRE and Martha UNKNOWN had the following children:

child+65 i. Thomas SAYRE.
child+66 ii. DANIEL SAYRE.
child67 iii. Ephraim SAYRE.
child68 iv. Sarah SAYRE.

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