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66. DANIEL SAYRE (1) died in 1723 in Elizabethtown, Union Co, NJ. He was a farmer in Elizabethtown, NJ. the new Jersey archives state that on Sept. 12, 1700, Daniel Sayer and other inhabitants of Elizabethtown wwent to Newark and took from the Sheriff the keys of the prison, and liberated Joseph Parmenter, then in custody. We have no further explantion of the matter. At a twon meeting held August 2, 1720, Daniel was appointed one of a committee of seven freeholders, or trustees, for the disposal of the common lands, and to defend the titile of the people to the inferitance.

DANIEL SAYRE and Elizabeth LYON had the following children:

child+92 i. Daniel SAYRE.
child+93 ii. Ephriam SAYRE.
child+94 iii. John SAYRE.
child+95 iv. Ebenezer SAYRE.
child+96 v. Jonathan SAYRE.
child+97 vi. Joseph SAYRE.
child98 vii. Sarah SAYRE.
child99 viii. Elizabeth SAYRE.
child+100 ix. Hannah SAYRE.

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