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55. Demaris SAYRE died on 1 May 1757.

She was married to Elisha HOWELL (son of Arthur HOWELL and Hannah RAYNOR). (1) Elisha HOWELL (1) was born on 18 Sep 1674. He died on 10 Jul 1750. For descendants of the Howell family see page 318 of "History of Southampton" by Howell. Demaris SAYRE and Elisha HOWELL had the following children:

child+79 i. Arthur HOWELL.
child+80 ii. Elisha HOWELL.
child81 iii. Lemuel HOWELL.
child+82 iv. Jesse HOWELL.
child83 v. Phillip HOWELL.
child+84 vi. Abiah HOWELL.
child+85 vii. Charity HOWELL.
child+86 viii. Martha HOWELL.
child+87 ix. Sarah HOWELL.
child+88 x. Phoebe HOWELL.
child+89 xi. Susanna HOWELL.

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