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33. Justus WALBRIDGE (6)(1) was born in Oct 1779 in Brimfield, MA. He died on 28 May 1841 in Attica, Wyoming, NY.(6) He died of "Black Tongue". He was buried in Attica Cemetery, Attica, Wyoming, NY. (5) In 1804 he visited Wyoming but did not make a permanent settlement until 1808, when he again came to the county and bought 128 acres of land of Benjamin Nelson. This land was heavily timbered , but he labored with perisitance until he had improved a valuable homestead and had become one of the most substantial and influential citizens of the town of Attica. Unlike the larger part of the pioneer settlers he was a "man of means" and not only paid cash for his land, but loaned money to new-comers and neighboring friends.

He was married to Eunice OSBORNE in 1810.(3) Eunice OSBORNE died in 1876.(3) She was born in Oneida Co, NY. Justus WALBRIDGE and Eunice OSBORNE had the following children:

child+42 i. Major William H. WALBRIDGE.
child43 ii. Harriett WALBRIDGE(1). She died at 17
child+44 iii. Ruben O. WALBRIDGE.
child+45 iv. Malvina WALBRIDGE.

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