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71. Leon Walbridge HAMMOND (6)(11) was born on 2 Aug 1869.(12) He died on 25 Mar 1950.(12) Leon was an artist and poet. He started the Palmer Penmanship Method used in schools.
They moved to Everett, Snomish Washington in 1904. They lived at 3421 Colby Ave. in Everett, and Leon also had the Everett Art Studio and Hammond Sign Service at the same address. In 1952, Catharine was still living at the same address.

He was married to Carra (Catharine) HIGGINS on 8 Jun 1898 in Batavia, Genesee, NY.(6) June 9, 1898- Miss Carra Evelyn Higgins and Leon Walbridge Hammond were united in marriage at their new home, no. 8 Morton Ave., Batavia, NY. at 8 o'clock last evening by the Rev. J. H. Mason. They were married under a purple and white bell and the wedding march was played by Miss Lois Hammond, sister of the groom. The bridesmaids were Miss Florence Goodridge of Batavia, Miss Buelah Monroe of Warsaw, Miss Mabel Rex and Miss Nellie Storts of Dale. Miss Ernestine Fuller was the flower girl. The bride wore light violet, trimmed with purple, white liberty silk and velvet. The bridesmaids wore white organdie. Mr. and Mrs. Hammond left at 10:25 o'clock for a breif trip to PA. The gifts were numerous and included a piano from the groom to the bride. Carra (Catharine) HIGGINS was born on 14 Nov 1880.(10) She died in May 1968 in Seattle, WA.(10) Leon Walbridge HAMMOND and Carra (Catharine) HIGGINS had the following children:

child90 i. Carroll HAMMOND(6) was born on 30 Mar 1899 in Batavia, Genesee, NY. She was born on Wood Ave.

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