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1. Catherine Lovell. The Walbridge Family History.
2. William Gedney Wallbridge. Decendants of Henry Walbridge who married Anna Amos. 1898.
3. Doris Bannister. various files, newpaper clippings, etc.
4. Saul's Notes on Genesee County People, available at the Richmond library, Batavia, NY.
5. Wyoming County Cemetery Records.
6. Newspaper Article.
7. Cenus records.
8. Robert Wicks, Sr.. Old envelopes, postcards, and letters.
9. Wicks family history using History of the Holland Purchase fo Western New York, by Orasmus Turner, Published in 1850; Gazetter of Genesee County, by F.W. Beers in 1890; Record of Genesee County, Hon. S.E. North in 1899; and other sources.
10. Social Security Death Index.
11. City Directory- Everett WA
1948, 50 and 52.
12. Hammond Family Bible.
13. Betty L. Thomas.

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