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4. Welcome WICKS (5) (photo) was born on 4 Apr 1818 in Farmington, Ontario, NY.(4) He died on 8 Sep 1886 in Waterloo, Jackson, MI.(4) He was a member of the United Brethern Church. They moved to Lansing, Michigan in 1861.

He was married to Mary E. HARKNESS (daughter of Daniel HARKNESS and Beulah ESTES).(4) Mary E. HARKNESS was born on 17 Sep 1823. (4) She died on 4 Feb 1897 in Lansing, MI. (6) Welcome WICKS and Mary E. HARKNESS had the following children:

child20 i. Sarah WICKS.
child21 ii. Beulah WICKS.
child22 iii. William WICKS(7) died before Feb 1921 in CA.(4)(4) He died at the home of his daughter. He lived in Battlle Creek, MI and in 1917 , Jackson, Jackson, MI.
child+23 iv. Mary WICKS.

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