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57. Susannah C WICKS (photo) was born on 28 May 1864 in Elba, Genesee, NY. She died on 24 Jan 1941.(4) She died of a cerbral hemorrahage. She was buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Elba, Genesee, NY. (4)

She was married to George ISAAC on 28 May 1885 in Elba, Genesee, NY.(4) They were married at the home of her father, Stephen, by Rev. William D. Eddy, of the Friend's Church. The bride was beautifully attired in rich silk, decorated with roses. Among the wedding gifts were a family Bible from the brides's parents, and a judicious selection of silverware from the groom's parents, and from others a magnificent album, a beautiful silk tidy, several set of linen napkins, a set of silver spoons and cake knife, book, lamp, etc. George ISAAC was born in NY.(1) Susannah C WICKS and George ISAAC had the following children:

child+131 i. Howard E ISAAC(1) was born on 29 Jan 1888 in NY.(1) He died on 1 Nov 1962. He was buried in Stafford, NY. He was a granite cutter at the marble works in 1910.

She was married to John Delos PIPER Rev. (son of Phillip H. PIPER and Charlotte) on 30 Jun 1908. John Delos PIPER Rev.(4) was born in 1862 in Mount Moriis, Livingston, NY.(6) He died on 8 Apr 1932. He was buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Elba, Genesee, NY.(10) He was pastor of the Friends Quaker Church, Elba, NY, after successfully passing the last ordeal at the Bushville Society of Friends in February of 1892. The Rev. Piper had been converted at a great revival held in Elba in 1880 and chose to continue in the faith.

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