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10. John WICKS (4) (photo) was born in 1830. (1) He died in Jul 1913 in Martin, Allegan, MI. (4) He moved to MI about 1850. John at age 21, taught at the Elba Village school, which waas held in a two room stone structure.

Family moved to Michigan John WICKS and UNKNOWN had the following children:

child42 i. Dr. Almond WICKS(7) (4). He lived in Hopkins, Allegan, MI in 1917.
child+43 ii. Loella M. WICKS.
child+44 iii. Kirk E WICKS.
child+45 iv. Lillian WICKS.
child+46 v. Howard WICKS.
child47 vi. Marshall WICKS.
child48 vii. Herbert WICKS.

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