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31. Calib Lippincott HAMMOND was born about Mar 1831 in NJ.(9) Listed as 49 in the 1880 census. He died on 10 Mar 1903 in North Java, Wyoming, NY.(18)(16) (14) (24) He died of Pneumonia and Paralysis He was buried in Silver Maple Cemetery , North Java, Wyoming, NY.(7) He died at his home from creeping paralysis, at age 70. He had been absolutely helpless about two years . He was the proprietor and manufacturer of the patent medicine, the "King of Cures". He was a member of the North Java Lodge, F. & A.M., which was in charge of his funeral, which was held at 1pm.. He owned 32 acres (lot 24) in North Java and was a medicine dealer and farmer.
From Historical Wyoming -July 1965 - "Another North Java personage who should be mentioned was Caleb Hammond. Of most of the persons mentioned in these notes I carry a mental picture. I can see Pat Gaffeny, Rollin Torrey and Judge Cobley, but nothing of that sort reminds me of Caleb Hammond. The only way I remember him is by the stories I have heard repeated and the linament he made. He lived not far from the school house and we youngsters knew when he was cooking a batch of his "King of Cures", for it could be detected for some distance through the nose. Its odor was not really obnoxious but it certainly had character. After making and bottling a batch he would load his wagon and start out visiting his cutomers. I don't know how large a territory he served but I have heard his " King of Cures" mentioned many long miles form North Java. I can also state that the "King of Cures" was a good linament. From stories I have heard about the man I gained the idea that he was rather loquacious. One of his kind of stories bears this out! A farmer with his mowing machine was working in this meadow. His dog accidentally got in front of the cutting bar and ---oops! Off came his tail. An application of "King of Cures" to the stump not only healed the would but also grew a new tail on the dog as well. A bit of the liament was also put on the severed member and ---Heavenly days---a new dog was brought to life! How about population explosion!!?? Hammond had two sons, Edgar and Lester. Both were considerably older than I but I can remember them quite well. Edgar was stockily built, quite heavy. To those of you who belive in heredity I might say that Edgar had his father's tongue. Words came easily and fast. One morning taking the train for Attica, he dropped into a seat and shouted, "B.A. & A. Back Aches Awfully!." Of course those were the days of horse economy. When a group of men got around the store's pot-bellied stove or the store steps in summer, horse was one of the subjects of conversation. One summer evening, when a group had gathereed on the steps of , I think , Joe Herman's store and horse talk had progressed for some time, Edgar came up with the remark that it was a mighty good thing that every man didn't like the same horse and the same woman. The last time I saw Edgar was between 20- 25 years ago when he was living in Portville, NY, a few miles from Olean. The other Hammond, Lester, although nearer my age, I do not remember as well as Edgar . If my mind isn't too hazy he was inclined to be dandified, effeminate and dressed in nice clothes. I am not sure about this but I believe after his father's death he carried on the King of Cures business. That is all I can tell about him. I don't think I ever heard about the man after I left North Java."

He was married to Alvira B. UNKNOWN.(10) Alvira B. UNKNOWN died on 24 Jul 1869. (7) She died and was buried with her two infant children. She was buried in Pioneer Cemetery, North Java, Wyoming, NY. (7)

He was married to Edith TARRY in May 1870. (10)(9) Edith TARRY was born about 1849 in NY. (9)

He was married to Sophia RUSSELL. (10) Sophia RUSSELL (9) was born about 1840.(9) She died on 12 Jun 1925 in Johnsonburg, NY. Sophia's parents were from Connecticut. Calib Lippincott HAMMOND and Sophia RUSSELL had the following children:

child+67 i. Edgar B. HAMMOND.
child68 ii. Lester HAMMOND Photo was born about 1874 in NY.(9)