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8. Henry Divers HAMMON (8)(9) was born on 2 Sep 1803 in Stillwater, Sussex, NJ. (10)(9) (4) He was baptized on 19 Dec 1803 in Stillwater Presbyterian Church, Stillwater, Sussex, NJ.(4) He died in 1884.(10) Henry Hammond moved from New Jersey to Sheldon, NY. He was a farmer. By 1860 he was blind. In 1870 he and Lydia and Ormus were living with William Henry and his family.

He was married to Lydia I. SAYRE (daughter of Calvin SAYRE and Mary (Polly) ZELIFF) on 28 Dec 1826 in Sussex (now Warren) Co. N.J.. (11)(12) Henry's last name is spelled Hammon on this marriage record. They were married by Justice of the Peace, Peter Merkel. Lydia I. SAYRE (9) Photo was born in 1806.(10) She died in Nov 1877. (10)(13) She was a tailoress. Henry Divers HAMMON and Lydia I. SAYRE had the following children:

child+29 i. Calvin Freemont HAMMOND.
child+30 ii. Mary Marian HAMMOND.
child+31 iii. Calib Lippincott HAMMOND.
child+32 iv. Jacob Main HAMMOND.
child+33 v. Oscar Decorell HAMMOND.
child+34 vi. William Henry HAMMOND.
child+35 vii. Caroline Matilda HAMMOND.
child+36 viii. Mabel Samantha HAMMOND.
child+37 ix. Horace Romance HAMMOND.
child+38 x. Delphine Reville HAMMOND.
child+39 xi. Jane Eliza[beth] (Jennie) HAMMOND.
child+40 xii. Ormus Doolittle HAMMOND.