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83. Nellie F. HALLER (28) was born on 5 May 1871 in Middlebury, Wyoming, NY.(28) When they married she was living in Linwood, Livingston, NY.

She was married to Bert WILDMAN (son of Willen WILDMAN and UNKNOWN) on 7 Jun 1899 in Greenville, Erie, PA.(28) From the Marriage License Docket
On the "second" day of June A.D. 1899 appeared Mr. Bert Wildmanand applied for License for the marriage of Mr. Bert Wildman, a resident of the Township of Greenfield County of Erie, State of Pennsylvania, aged 28 years, to Miss Nellie F. Haller, a resident of the City of Linwood County of Livington, State of New York, aged 28 years.
Same day affidavit required by act of Assembly made before Clert of Court and filed, establishing the legality of said contemplated marriage; and it appearing that there is no legal impediment thereto, a marriage license in due formwas issued authorizing any Minister of the gospel , Justice of the Peace, or other person authorized by oaw to solemnize marriages, to join said Bert Wildman and Nellie F. Haller together in Holy State o Matrimony.
Now this seventeenth day of June , A.D. 1899, There was received and filed here certificate, to-wit:"I hereby certify, that on the seventh day of June A.D. one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine at Greenfielod , PA. Mr. Bert Wildman and Miss Nellie F. Haller were by me unitedin marriage in accordance with license issued by the Clerk of Erie County, Pennsylvannia, numbered 78856."
Minister of the Gospel Miller Fording
Attested:James W. Allison Clerk Orphans' Court. Bert WILDMAN(9) was born about 1871 in PA. (9) He was a farmer. In 1930 he was a milwright in a shop. Nellie F. HALLER and Bert WILDMAN had the following children:

child159 i. Veryl WILDMAN (Private).
child160 ii. Burnice WILDMAN (Private).