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35. Caroline Matilda HAMMOND (9) was born about 1840. (9)(28) (16) She died on 27 Dec 1875 in Middlebury, Wyoming, NY. (28)(16) It appears that she died from complications of child birth. This is concluded from her death date and the birth of her youngest daughter. Both occurrences happened in December of 1875. She was a domestic laborer before she was married.

She was married to George HALLER about 1860 in Sheldon, Wyoming, NY. (10)(28) George HALLER was born on 1 Apr 1831 in Bavaria, Germany. (28) He died on 3 Nov 1898 in Northeast, PA. (28) He was buried in Wyoming, Wyoming, NY. (28) George and daughter Lucy were living in Covington, Wyoming, NY in 1880 with the Benjamin Squires family. Caroline Matilda HAMMOND and George HALLER had the following children:

child77 i. Charles HALLER(28) was born on 12 Jun 1861 in Sheldon, Wyoming, NY.(28) He died on 23 Feb 1893 in Wyoming, Wyoming, NY. (28) He never married. He was living in Middlebury, Wyoming, NY in 1880 and working as a compositer.
child78 ii. Eugene HALLER(28) was born on 9 Aug 1863 in Orangeville, Wyoming, NY.(28) He died on 1 Jul 1893 in Attica, Wyoming, NY. (28) He never married.
child79 iii. Oscar HALLER(28) was born on 29 Mar 1865 in Orangeville, Wyoming, NY.(28) He never married.
child+80 iv. Frank Jay HALLER.
child+81 v. Lucille L. HALLER.
child+82 vi. Alice Isabel HALLER.
child+83 vii. Nellie F. HALLER.
child+84 viii. Maude I. HALLER.