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5. Eli Moses JONES (1) (photo) was born on 12 Feb 1822 in Elba, Genesee, NY.(1) He died on 31 May 1882 in Elba, Genesee, NY. (1) Progressive Batavian - June 9, 1882 - He was a man of thorough business havits, and accumlated a handsome property. He was a kind husband, and indulgent father, and an obliging neighbor, and always generous to the poor. As failinghealth sut him in from active business, his thoughts turned to the hereafter. He saw as never before the need of a Savior, and promptly and heartily accepted Jesus Christ as his redeemer. Believinghe found peace an joy unknown before, and among his last utterances was expressed his loning desire to "go to his home with Jesus." The very large gathering at his funeral on Friday last indicated the unversal esteem in which he was held among his townsmen. The church was packed and many wnet away unalbe to gain a entrance. The bereaved widow and children have the sympathy of their many friends. He was buried in Methodist Churchyard, Elba, Genesee, NY.(1) His education was derived form the district schools, and by occupation he was a farmer and miller. In 1834 he became a resident of the town of Byron, his father having moved just into the edge of that town. On May 14, 1842 he went to Waterford, Wexford, WI and engaged in the milling business. In 1847 he purchased and operated a flouring mill at Janesville, WI and they moved to that place. The confinement in doors and the dust of the mill, after a tiem, began to produce an injurious effect upon his lungs, and he determined to return tohis native town and engage in outdoor empolyment. In August, 1850, they returned to Elba, living at Pine Hill until December 25th, when they moved to the fam where they passed the remainder of their days. He had sold his mill in WI for cash (gold coin) and with it purchased the farm which was about tow miles east of the village of Elba (Pine Hill) and near a hamlet known as "Barrville" The farm consisted of 90 acres and he recieved a deed of same dated Dec. 14, 1850, from Richard C. and Nancy Brown. The purchase price was $5409. He subsequently purchsed additional adjoining lands until he owned a total of about 200 acres.

He was married to Roxania S. REYNOLDS (daughter of William REYNOLDS and Fannie STEWART) on 4 Jul 1844 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.(1) Roxania S. REYNOLDS (photo) was born on 6 Sep 1822 in Dublin, Seneca, NY.(1) She died on 12 Aug 1901 in Elba, Genesee, NY.(1) Eli Moses JONES and Roxania S. REYNOLDS had the following children:

child+10 i. Ellen L. JONES.
child+11 ii. Esther A. JONES.
child+12 iii. Jasper B. JONES.
child13 iv. Andrew E. JONES(3) (1) (photo) was born on 26 Feb 1852 in Elba, Genesee, NY.(3) (1) In 1905 andrew was living with his brother Charles and family. Andrew never married.
child+14 v. Frances A. JONES.
child+15 vi. Henry C. JONES.
child+16 vii. Charles W JONES.
child17 viii. Ada E. JONES was born on 2 Nov 1859 in Elba, Genesee, NY. She died on 4 Mar 1860 in Elba, Genesee, NY.(1) She was buried in Methodist Churchyard, Elba, Genesee, NY. (1)
child+18 ix. Nancy L. JONES.

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