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1. Andrew Braddock JONES (1) was born about Sep 1786. He died on 18 Sep 1850 in South Byron, Genesee, NY.(1) He was buried in Methodist Churchyard, Elba, Genesee, NY.(1) In 1816 they located at Stafford- the first settlers to arrive in Stafford with a team of horses and a wagon (those who prceded them came on horseback or with oxen) Soon afterward they movied to Byron and in 1818 they went to Elba. Andrew purchased twenty acres in Elba on the Transit line, early, and saw mill of Horace Gibbs, in which was a set of native stones for grinding feed. He at onlce erected a distillery, and in 1820 reburilt the saw mill. In 1822 he built the mill known as the "Transit Mill", and in 1836 completed a fouring mill below. Mr. Jones proved himself a benefactor to the new and prosperous country.
Evidently he did not pay cash for his 20 acres because he did not receive a deed from the Holland Land Co. until July 8, 1826. The deed recording shows that the purchase price was $125. His mill was on the wst side of the Transit line. The property is now (1941) known as "Fuller's Pond", taking its present name from a family that subsequently purchased it and operated a woolen factory and saw mill there. Mr. Jones in 1834 bought land in Byron, across the road from his mill and built a large colonial type house on it, which still stands (1941).
A legend still persists in Elba, that Mr. Jones, wishing to christen his new distillery in a unique manner, took his first barel of whiskey to the middle of his millpond in a rowboat on a dark night, and dropped it overboard. According to tradition, the barrel is presumed to be still intact in the bottom of the pond.

He was married to Esther H..(1) Esther H. was born about Jan 1791.(1) She died on 16 Feb 1857 in Elba, Genesee, NY. (1) She was buried in Methodist Churchyard, Elba, Genesee, NY. (1) Andrew Braddock JONES and Esther H. had the following children:

child+2 i. Rose L. JONES.
child+3 ii. Elvira JONES.
child4 iii. Almond A. JONES was born about Sep 1811. He died on 4 Mar 1856. He was buried in Methodist Churchyard, Elba, Genesee, NY. (1)
child+5 iv. Eli Moses JONES.

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