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111. Calvin SAYRE was born on 15 Sep 1782 in NY.(3) He died in 1812.(3) This is written on his headstone in Spingfield Cemetery, Springfield , NY. "died from exposure durine the War of 1812 " .

He was married to Mary (Polly) ZELIFF (daughter of David ZELIFF and unknown WARD) on 25 Jan 1804. (3) Mary (Polly) ZELIFF (3) was christened on 27 Mar 1814.(3) Mary was an adut at this time. She died in 1857. (3) "Mary was, through the Zeliff's and heir to the much disputed Anneken Jans property in New York City where Trinty Church now stands, also the corner where the John Wanamaker store is. A.T. Stewart had the property first, then Jennnings Brothers, now Wanamker. This property, refered to in the story given below ( see Spadafore papers), was leased by Aneken Jans for ninety-nine years, and it was outlawed when I was a child. They were trying then to claim the property without success. It keeps coming up periodically. Only a few weeks ago I recieved a letter of inquiry as to what I knew. Mary Zeliff's mother was a Ward, a cousin of Marcus L. Ward, Governor of New Jersey during the Civil War. Her father, David Zeliff, was four generations removed from Anneken Jans as near as I can count it from memory. It is believed the daughter of Anneken Jans, whose wedding is mentioned inthe following story, married the first David Zeliff. A copy of the old King James version of the Bible when they used f for s, belonging to david Zeliff, with the records of the family partially obliterated, is in my brother's possession today." (the above was written by an unknown person) Calvin SAYRE and Mary (Polly) ZELIFF had the following children:

child+121 i. Lydia SAYRE.
child+122 ii. Abbie SAYRE.
child+123 iii. Matilda Coyle SAYRE.

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