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123. Matilda Coyle SAYRE (3) was born on 27 Mar 1810 in Hanover, Burlington, NJ.(3) She died on 11 Jan 1881.(3) Peter was born on Decond Mountain, near Millburn, NJ, about 10 miles west of Newark, NJ. He recieved a simple schooling of his day and then learned the trade of shoemaker. Most of this life he was engaged in the maufacture of boots and shoes, and later in the retail shoe business at Newark, NJ. He was a man of sound judgment and honesty. He held several offecies in Millburn . He moved to Virginia in 1870 and engaged in farming.

She was married to Peter MCCHESNEY (son of Samuel MCCHESNEY and Mary MEEKER) on 4 Sep 1833. (3) Peter MCCHESNEY was born on 11 Jul 1812 in Millburn, NJ. He died on 10 Aug 1899 in Henry, Sussex, VA. Matilda Coyle SAYRE and Peter MCCHESNEY had the following children:

child141 i. George Rodney MCCHESNEY was born on 27 Aug 1834. (3) He died on 29 Jul 1835.(3)
child142 ii. John Calvin MCCHESNEY was born on 21 Mar 1836. (3) He died on 18 Aug 1836.(3)
child143 iii. William Martin MCCHESNEY was born on 8 Dec 1837. (3) He died on 25 Nov 1912.(3)
child144 iv. Lansing Tompkins MCCHESNEY was born on 22 Jul 1839. (3)
child145 v. Charles Fitch MCCHESNEY was born on 3 Jan 1841. (3) He died in 1899.(3)
child146 vi. John Peter MCCHESNEY was born on 5 Oct 1842. (3) He died on 24 Dec 1851.(3)
child+147 vii. James Harvey MCCHESNEY(3) was born on 20 Sep 1847.(3) He died on 12 Dec 1885. (3) James served in the Civil War, having enlisted when only 19, at Trenton, NJ at the same place where his great grandfather enlisted in Revolutionary War. He had belonged to the militia a number of years. He was honorably discharged. He was a hat finisher by trade, but later spent some years in farming, and then worked in the rolling mills in Jolit, Ill, where he met with the accident which caused his death at 38.
child148 viii. Abby Wilhelmina MCCHESNEY was born on 23 Apr 1849. (3) She died on 28 Jul 1897.(3)
child149 ix. Frankliln Sayre MCCHESNEY was born on 7 Oct 1853. (3)
child150 x. Mary Matilda Ward MCCHESNEY was born on 18 Oct 1856. (3)

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