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95. Ebenezer SAYRE (1) died in 1765. (2) He recieved land by his father's will. He is said to have live in Monmouth County, on the Shrewsbury River, where he married and where three of his daughters married. "The New York Post Boy", Jan 13,1752, published the following advertisement:
Ebenezer Sayer offers 60 acres for sale at Public Vendue on Tuesday 11th March next. Aplantation in the borough of Elizabethtwon, County of Essex, upwaards of 60 acres, 10 of which is good mowing ground, commodious to the East side of Rahway river within less than 1/2 mile of Hubbell's mill and on the road to Raritan. Good dwelling house, &c. Also has 13 acres near it dfor sale.
He moved to Morris County, NJ where he bought much real estate. At perth amboy there is recorded a survey for John Harriman and Ebenezer Sayre, dated Feb. 1, 1764, for land bought of David Ogden in Pequannock and Hanover townships, Morris County, for eithty-five acres in four tracts. He built a house at what was afterwards known as Columbia, near the Passaic River.

Ebenezer SAYRE and Mary UNKNOWN had the following children:

child+102 i. Unknown SAYRE.
child+103 ii. Unknown SAYRE.
child+104 iii. Unknown SAYRE.
child+105 iv. Ebenezer SAYRE.
child+106 v. William SAYRE.
child+107 vi. Unknown SAYRE.
child+108 vii. Unknown SAYRE.

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