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72. Mildred Walbridge HAMMOND (photo) was born on 12 Nov 1874. (12) She died on 10 May 1951.(12)

She was married to John MacKeen FULLER on 31 Jul 1893. (12) John MacKeen FULLER (photo) was born in 1871. He died in 1947. Mildred Walbridge HAMMOND and John MacKeen FULLER had the following children:

child+91 i. Ernestine FULLER (photo) was born in 1895. (9)
child92 ii. Ward W.M. FULLER (photo) was born in 1898. (9) He died in 1969. (9)
child93 iii. Elinor M. FULLER (photo) was born in 1900. (9)
child94 iv. Lois FULLER.
child+95 v. Thelma FULLER (photo) was born in 1917. (9)

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