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3. Ensign Amos WALBRIDGE was born on 9 Apr 1693 in Preston, CT.(2) He died on 27 Feb 1788 in Stamford, Fairfield, CT.

He was married to Theodia PORTER (daughter of Experience PORTER and Abigail WILLIAMS).(3) Theodia PORTER was born on 15 Aug 1699 in Hadley, MA. (2) She died on 16 Dec 1760 in Stafford, CT. (2) She was buried in Stafford Village Cemetery, Stafford, CT. (2) Ensign Amos WALBRIDGE and Theodia PORTER had the following children:

child14 i. Deborah WALBRIDGE was born on 6 Aug 1722 in Stafford, CT.
child15 ii. Theodia WALBRIDGE was born on 15 Mar 1725 in Stafford, CT. (2) She died in infancy.
child+16 iii. Amos WALBRIDGE.
child+17 iv. William WALBRIDGE.
child+18 v. Theodia WALBRIDGE.
child19 vi. Henry WALBRIDGE was born on 27 Sep 1735 in Stafford, CT. He died on 12 Dec 1738.
child+20 vii. Henry WALBRIDGE.
child+21 viii. Abigail WALBRIDGE.

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