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1. Henry WALBRIDGE (1) died on 25 Jul 1729 in Norwich, New London, CT. (1) He was born in Dorsetshire, England. (1)

He was married to Anna AMOS (daughter of Hugh AMOS and Hanna) on 25 Dec 1688 in Preston, CT. (1) Anna AMOS was born on 28 Jan 1666 in Boston, MA.(2) She died on 10 Jun 1751 in Norwich, New London, CT.(2) Henry WALBRIDGE and Anna AMOS had the following children:

child+2 i. William WALBRIDGE.
child+3 ii. Ensign Amos WALBRIDGE.
child+4 iii. Henry WALBRIDGE.
child+5 iv. Thomas WALBRIDGE.
child+6 v. Anna WALBRIDGE.
child+7 vi. Ebenezer WALBRIDGE.
child+8 vii. Margaret WALBRIDGE.

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