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42. Major William H. WALBRIDGE (6) was born on 21 Nov 1812 in Attica, Wyoming, NY.(3) He died on 28 Oct 1895 in Attica, Wyoming, NY.(3) CUT HIS THROAT - ONE OF ATTICA'S OLDEST NATIVE RESIDENTS
William H. Walbridge commits the deed--His mind unbalanced since a severe attack of grip last spring- buried in Masonic Order. This community was shocked on Tuesday mornning by the report that William H. Walbridge, an aged resident, had committed suicide at his home, one mile and a half south of the village, by cutting his throat with a razor, almost severing the head from the body. The deed was committed at about 8:30 P.M., Monday night. Walbridge who was nearly 83 years of age had seemed to be in his usual health, though since recovering from a severe attack of grip he had been melancholy and despondent. At about 8 o'clock he went to his room, and after undressing took the razor, which belonged to his son John, and drew it across his throat from ear to ear. The marks on the throat would indicate that the first attempt was unsuccessful. His wife who was in an adjoining room saw him fall to the floor and wnet to his assistance. His son, retuning from the village, heard her calls for aid and hastened to respond, reaching his father's side just as life was extinct. Coroner George T. Loomis was notified and after viewing the remains and hearing the circumstances of the case, decided that an inquest would be unneccessary. Major William Walbridge was one of the pioneers of the town being born in Attica. and was the oldest native resident in the place. His father, Justus Walbridge removed here from Massachusetts in 1808. William was the oldest of four children, only one of whom, Mrs. Malvina Chaddock, of Middlebury, survives him. He lived at home with his parents attending the district schools and working on the farm until he reached his majority, when he married Lois Lindsey. the first few years of their married life were passsed on the parental homestead which joins his present property on the south. In 1838 he bought the farm and twenty years later erected the unique and attractive dwelling built of cobblestone, in which he resided at the time of his decease.
He lead an active and intelligent interest in the town and had held the offices of assessor, supervisor, highway commisssioner and town collector;and for more than forty years was an active member of the Masonic fraternity. He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, Wyoming, NY.(3) The funeral services were held at his late home on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the masonic burial service being used. Rev. F. J. Chase acted as chaplin assisted by Rev. E.E. Adams of North Darien. The following members of the lodge were bearers: Geo. D. Miller, Chas. Morgaustern, Warren Eastman, E.M. Krigeistein, John Griffth and Gel. Schaub.

He was married to Lois LINDSEY (daughter of Calib LINDSEY and UNKNOWN) in 1833.(3) Lois LINDSEY(6) was born in 1813 in Luzerne, Warren, NY.(3) She died on 28 Aug 1896 in Water Streeet, Attica, Wyoming, NY.(3) She was buried on 29 Aug 1896 in Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, Wyoming, NY. (3)(5) Now called Attica Cemetery. Major William H. WALBRIDGE and Lois LINDSEY had the following children:

child+46 i. Henry W. WALBRIDGE.
child+47 ii. William Monroe WALBRIDGE.
child+48 iii. Harriett WALBRIDGE.
child+49 iv. Myron Edgar WALBRIDGE.
child+50 v. Ellen Amelia WALBRIDGE.
child51 vi. John Riley WALBRIDGE was born in 1854 in Attica, Wyoming, NY. He died on 4 Mar 1899 in Attica, Wyoming, NY. STRUCK BY THE CARS - John Walbridge Killed While Walking on the Erie Tracks
John R. Walbridge, a life-long resident of this place, was found dead beside the Erie tracks about a mile east of here last Saturday morning. At first his death seemed mysterious as the body did not appear to be cut or mangled in any way, but an examination made by physicians later in the day revealed the fact that the skull was crushed and there was a bad bruise on one side sufficient to cause death. Just when the accident occured is not known. He had been employed at Dale since last fall. Recently, he hired out to work for the Zahler brothers, who reside about 1 1/2 miles east of here and only a short distance form wher Walbridge's dead body was found. He spent Friday in town and it is supposed that the unfortunate man was going to Zahler's when he met his death. The body was brought to the Erie Station and coroner L.C. Broughton of Castile notified. He made a careful investigation of the case, and decided an inquest would be unnecessary. The sum of two dollars was found in the dead man's pocket. His watch was also found in his pocket and was running at the time he was discovered. He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, Wyoming, NY. (6) He never married.
child+52 vii. Frank E. WALBRIDGE.

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